Why 80% of people hate their job, but do nothing to change it

Most of the
people I know pretty much hate what they do….

They live by complaining about their work, their
bosses, co-workers, salary, the daily grind, the endless hours in the office and the lack of control
office and the lack of control over their lives.

They live dreaming about their vacations and what they would really like to do and only say, “someday,” without really doing anything to get out of their predicament.

I tell you all this because even though I was there too, I didn’t just complain, I took action.

And that version of life where I’m told that if I go to the bank, I have to do it on my lunch hour, is definitely not for me. Neither is having to go to work even if my head hurts like hell, all because I’m not allowed to miss work without a doctor’s letter and I feel too bad to go for one.

Be careful, not everyone falls into this situation. If you love your current job and life, congratulations! But if not, read on.

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I introduce myself

Hi, I’m Carla. Entrepreneur and Digital Nomad.

An ordinary girl, with no funds, scholarships, job proposals abroad, a rich husband, or anything that could make her dream of giving up the rat race for working remote and live on the road, a difficult thing to do, but he still did it!

Today I teach others to do the same.

How do I live by traveling?

I created my own professional blog for only $50 dollars (less than a dinner for 2 at any good restaurant), where I offer my services, sell my knowledge and work remotely.

The Myth

There is a tendency to assume that successful and
successful and confident people never have doubts. That they are decisive in every
choice, never have regrets and always know what to do.

But that couldn’t be further from
the truth.

Doubt is a very human response to all the challenges of self-improvement that life presents us with.but it has no right whatsoever to prevent you from overcoming obstacles and achieving your goals.

You know what should make you much more
afraid than trying? The thought of the possibility of having spent almost 20 years of your life studying and preparing
of your life studying and preparing yourself, only to end up spending your most productive years
productive years in fulfilling someone else’s dreams.

It’s true, very few aspiring entrepreneurs make it.Not because they don’t have the desire and/or talent, not because they are not good enough… not at all.

They won’t make it because they repeat a rather dangerous pattern: they live affected by the dreamer’s syndrome, the one that makes them think too much before daring to do something tangible about it. They never feel smart enough and simply prefer to go on hating what they do.

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