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Valuable inventory: content extracted ▷ SOLUTION.


Valuable inventory: extracted / copied content.: is a new AdSense policy violation that users receive when they apply for Google AdSense. We have already discussed the error Valuable Inventory: Template-based page in inner post.

In this article, We are going to talk about “How to fix the error Valuable Inventory: Content pulled from Adsense.“.

Today many of us are in a hurry, especially new bloggers. They want to earn very fast, but do not want to work. It’s normal, we all look for ideas to generate more money fast, although the truth is that it doesn’t work like that.

Making money online requires patience. Nothing will allow you to generate money in your first days.

Therefore, before applying for AdSense approval. Make sure your website is fully developed. Your website must have unique content. This means that it must be written by yourself, not copied or extracted from other sites.

Your content must be acceptable to advertisers and generate interest for. your readers.

Now we will talk about Valuable Inventory: extracted content in detail.

What is content scraping?

Some of the webmasters, use content copied from other sites. They simply make some slight modifications using some synonyms and republish it. This is not tolerated by Google, as they want authentic content created by you.

In most cases they copy content from reputable authority sites. Because it is difficult for them to produce unique content with such quality.

There are also some people who create automatic blogs, using plugins to scrape articles from other sites automatically.

Some examples of scraped content are:

1. Without any original content: Create sites by publishing only content copied from other sites. This is really not acceptable if you want to succeed as a blogger.

2. Copy content from other websites, lightly code it and republish.

3. Content with no added value for the user, with excerpts from articles with a link to the source at the end.

4. Embedding content such as video, images and other media from different sites without adding substantial value to the visitor. Example: websites that only embed YouTube videos.

Why do webmasters do scraping on their blogs?

Unique content is important for Google and for all the readers out there on the internet. Therefore, providing unique, authentic, correct and valuable information to the readers will always be fruitful for your website in the long run.

If you copy content from big websites just to have many articles on your site and get approved by AdSense or have more traffic, this can be a bad idea.

As a blogger you have to focus on the interest of your visitors. Do the right research and then write unique and relevant content for your readers. No junk content!

How to fix Valuable Inventory: Copied content?

This can be a very easy task if you have understood what is scraped content and everything we have explained inside. Now, you just need to remove all those copied content from your website or blog, if you really want to fix this Adsense violation.

For correcting the violation Valuable Inventory: Extracted ContentIf you do not have a valid inventory, follow all of the guidelines below:

  1. Make sure your blog has unique content, i.e. avoid content scraping. All articles should be written by yourself or someone who does it for you.
  2. Don’t embed or attach unnecessary files to your content. You should also watch out for copyrighted images.
  3. Focus on the originality of the content. It pays to write content from scratch. Write long articles if possible, because if you write a short articles you may receive an infringement from Valuable inventory: no content.
  4. Remove excessive ads from your posts and pages. I suggest you not to use any type of ads when applying for AdSense approval.
  5. Keep a space between ads and content. Otherwise, it will look like you are trying to make the user click on the ads. In other words, this will increase the chances of accidental clicks, so avoid that.
  6. Do not add ads on those pages that have less content or no content at all.

In recent years there have been many changes in Google AdSense policies. If you read them, you can easily understand that they always focus on reader experience and advertiser behavior.

I know that sometimes it is possible to make money with copied content. But it won’t last long. Google lately is making some strong decisions in favor of their advertisers.

A new policy or algorithm change can get you account blocked at any time as Google Adsense is very strict now and each website has to get a separate approval.

This has many benefits as it forces you to create unique and enjoyable content for your readers and therefore have more visitors.

Due to copied content you are also going to have indexing problems in Google and ranking problems as it is not good for SEO at all.

In short; there will be NO chance to fix the infringement. “Valuable inventory: copied content” If you’re going to keep posting that content you’ve copied from other sites.

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