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Top Destinations With Best Quality of Life


Would you like to live somewhere else or move abroad? Are you seriously thinking about this possibility? If so, chances are that you will want to know which are the best countries to live in today.

I will tell you that there are several answers to this question, but they are all going to depend on what specifically you are looking for in your life.


What the countries with the best quality of life have in common.

By general consensus, countries that maintain a better quality of life are those whose level of education, health care, safety, environmental quality, political stability and employment situation are optimal, or at least fairly high.

Those places where citizens have access quickly, efficiently and in some cases free of charge, to all of the above, are the ones that top the lists of the different international surveys.

On the contrary, countries that reflect a poor performance in those areas, either because they are at war and their level of personal security is very low, or those whose labor market is almost nonexistent, will always maintain the last places in the ranking of best countries to live and work in.

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