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Top 10 Ways to Emigrate to Spain from Latin America


It is no secret to anyone that when it comes to obtaining a residence permit to emigrate to Spain, European Union citizens have it pretty easy. While for those interested in emigrating to Spain from Argentina, Mexico and the rest of Latin America, who do not have dual (European) nationality, are married to a Spaniard or receive a job offer, the process usually takes longer and requires more preparation.

However, although it is true that it is more difficult, it is not impossible; so in this quick guide we are going to analyze the different types of visa, which grant you legal Spanish residency without being European.


Please note that the content of this article does not constitute legal advice and is provided for general information purposes only. If you need specific legal advice, I recommend that you contact a specialist lawyer.

Top 10 ways to emigrate to Spain from Argentina, Mexico and the rest of Latin America.

If you are not a European citizen, you do not have relatives who can make the request, you are not a descendant of Spanish parents and/or grandparents, nor do you have a job offer in Spain, I share with you the following options to emigrate to Spain independently.

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