Top 10 Free Job Offers For Latin America & Spain

No matter if you are a recent graduate or a veteran in the job market, finding a job is hard… but not impossible, especially if you learn how to take advantage of the different free job boards that exist today, as well as following these practical tips to learn how to sell yourself as a professional.

I know that many times it seems that companies are looking to have employees as young as a college student about to enter the job market.but with the equivalent of a professional with 10 years of experience, 3 languages, willing to hock his soul and jump on one foot for minimum wage. I’ve seen it happen.

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However, I have repeatedly found that, taking a step back and analyzing our approach before we start sending out applications and accepting offers, helps us take a different angle and can give us that boost of confidence we so desperately need to get a vacancy at one of the highest paying careers of the moment.

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Top 10 Free Job Offers in Latin America and Spain

Before I get to the tips for finding jobs using these platforms, I will take the opportunity to list them for you to keep this list with the best job boards for Spanish speakers.

Please note that when using these free job boards, you should pay special attention to the wording of your profile, as these platforms will introduce you to an audience of recruitment professionals from different industries, which will serve as your letter of introduction to future job opportunities.

Top 10 most popular free job boards:

  1. Linkedin
  2. Indeed
  3. Computrabajo
  4. Infojobs
  5. Amazon Job Board
  6. Workana
  7. Freelancer
  8. Konzerta
  9. Infoempleo
  10. You’re Hired

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