The sad reason why 95% fail

Wait a minute, Carla!
are you saying that most of those with the entrepreneurial spark won’t succeed?
entrepreneurial spark won’t succeed?

Yes, I’m sorry, but that’s what sadly usually happens. And it’s not because they don’t have the desire and/or all the talent to make it – no, not at all!!!!

They don’t make it
simply because they repeat a pattern
quite dangerous
They are affected by the “dreamer’s syndrome”, which makes them think too much before they dare to do something tangible.
makes them think too much before daring to do something tangible.

In short
accounts, they never feel smart enough.

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When perfection is your “doom”

A little over 2 years ago (while belonging to a Facebook group), I met several entrepreneurs.

This was just as I was starting with my idea of being able to make money from home and travel the world with a travel blog (my first website: La Maleta de Mano) and almost all of my fellow group members were in the “planning” phase of their venture.

I remember
clearly that they were commenting in super fancy words on the “points to follow” and telling about all the
about all the theory they were studying in order to be “prepared” before taking the first step.
“prepared”, before taking the first step.

Guess what 95% of those entrepreneurs are doing two years later? Yep!, still are still planning…. In the meantime, I (who decided not to wait and jump into the ring), have managed to multiply my income to the point of to earn my old salary for a year in a single month.while I work remotely from anywhere in the world..

And you know what the saddest thing is? That I see this happening every day.

Most aspiring entrepreneurs devote a large part (if not most) of their life to reflection and self-analysis, taking online digital marketing coursesthinking about the different ways in which they could undertake (without really trying any of them), in the possibilities of success and failure that, according to studies, exist, in drawing a perfect plan and in having a completely defined strategy. In short, to learn from everything, before starting.

And do you know what
what happens at the end? That they never reach that ideal and perfect state,
simply because it DOES NOT EXIST.

In order to undertake
constantly evolving and that is precisely why those who think, think and keep on thinking, never succeed.
think, think and keep on thinking, never succeed.

Taking the first
step is as simple as create a blogand I can’t imagine that there is anyone who doesn’t want to try it.

The opportunity
of Quitting your job to become a digital the owner of 24 hours of your days and live without having to
and live without having to ask the boss for permission to go on vacation in the Bahamas, it’s
vacation, it’s simply priceless.

If you don’t work for your dreams, someone else will hire you to work for theirs

I will give you my best advice to increase your chance of success.

Dive in now, get it wrong fast and constantly evolve.

Here I present to you
the least valid, but also the most common excuses:

– I don’t have time…

False! I
worked on my venture in parallel with my office job for a full year.
year. It was more than 1,500 hours of study, days of only 3 hours of rest and a lot of trial and error.
and a lot of trial and error. And if I did it, could you tell me why you think I did not
why you think you are not able to do it?

Thanks to all
that work (that started with a simple click), today I have the lifestyle that many can only dream of
that many can only dream of, precisely because they don’t decide to start!

– I have no money…

I find it unbelievable that there are still people with an iPhone in their pocket, who use money as an excuse to start an online business. Taking the first step to validate your business idea with a website costs less than $50! Yes, less than dinner for 2!

I swear I don’t know
how to get those 95% of people to wake up. It is sad and extremely frustrating
for me to read so many emails from people who really want to achieve their dreams,
and that after a month those same people still don’t take the first step. And it frustrates me
frustrated, because I know that they are entering the dreaded 95% group.

– I just don’t know how to start

Well, by starting,
just like that.

When I did it, I
did it, I swear I didn’t have the faintest idea how I was going to pull it off. Without
However, I jumped.

Your idea will have
to change dozens of times. It will have to adapt to what you see works for you, as you test and listen to your readers.
you, as you test and listen to your readers. But you won’t be able to do any of this
do if you don’t start.

The solution: take the first step!

If you already have the theme chosen, the only thing you need to do to test your idea is to decide on a name, create your website and then social networks to promote yourself.

All this you can have ready today. And believe me when I tell you that the satisfaction and adrenaline you will feel is indescribable, realizing that you have finally taken the first step towards change the course of your life and set yourself apart from those who will die working so that others can fulfill their dreams.

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