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The Law of Attraction and The Secret to Achieving Results


How many times have you thought about upcoming events (a celebration, a job interview, a conference, etc.), and you only imagine what could go wrong? How often do you think “what if…” imagining the worst, according to you in order to be prepared? How can you use the Law of AttractionWhat is The Secret to creating the life of your dreams?

If you identify
with any of the above, believe me you are not alone: that was me 4 years ago, and it’s not that I’m no longer completely
that I’ve stopped being it completely, but that (luckily) now I only feel like that once in a while.
like that very occasionally.


Before, and all too often, I rationalized those worries by telling myself that I wanted to be prepared for any event that could go wrong.

And I don’t dispute that it’s important to be prepared, but is it worth worrying about. so much? Is it worth the risk (because there is one) to encourage negative thoughts that are only going to cast shadows on a future situation?

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The secret of the law of attraction

Summarized in: act intentionally, without expectations, and leave the How will it happen? to the Universe.


Having expectations could be wonderful. Just believing that something amazing is going to happen (as we have it in our minds), can make us immensely happy. But if things don’t happen EXACTLY as we think they will, having expectations can become a bane.

Having the firm
conviction that something will happen with respect to a particular situation (whether good or bad), can affect not only how we experience that event, but also how we experience it.
good or bad), can affect not only how we experience that event,
but also how we see the world around us, right up to the moment the event happens.
event happens.

The reality is that expectations influence us so much, that when fear strikes, because of the worry it generates, it is very difficult to to maintain a positive mindset.

Tying ourselves to a single outcome, can kill our power to attract and manifest.

You can believe me when I tell you that to date I don’t know anyone more controlling and square than this servant’s version, 4 years ago.

And that one of the most liberating experiences I have been able to feel, was learning to live life according to my purposebut without expectations.

Generally, expectations come from preconceived ideas about how the things we wish to see manifested in our life should be, and they create in us that fear of thinking that what we desire may not happen.

And the fact that there is only that possibility, generates anxiety, fear and worry in us.

When we manage to free ourselves from these preconceived ideas, we allow the Universe to follow its flow without being affected by the results we impose on it. Think of it as if the range of your vision were only 5 meters around you, while the Universe is a drone that can see the whole picture.

So, every
result can serve to move you towards a greater realization of your desires, even if that result does not agree with you.
even if that outcome does not agree exactly with what you had in mind.
in mind.

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