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This tutorial is a video guide accompanied by a detailed explanation on how to
detailed explanation on how to create a blog or web page of any kind.
The step-by-step videos are at the end of the article, but
but we advise you to read the complete tutorial, so that you have a better understanding of the whole
understanding of the whole process.

Note: some of the links you will see below are affiliate links, which means that if you decide to use the discounts and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission. This will be at no additional cost to you and will help me continue to keep this guide free. Thank you very much for reading me, it’s a pleasure to help you!



One of the most popular hosting providers in the world,
GoDaddy has dedicated itself to independent entrepreneurs and is characterized by being one of the few
one of the few, which has support in Spanish and local numbers in most Latin American countries.
most Latin American countries.

With more than 17 million customers worldwide, the management of more than 71 million domain names and the incredible offer of free domain and a super discount on the purchase of your Hosting service, GoDaddy is the ideal choice to validate your idea without investing a lot of money (it is the one used in the tutorial of haztupaginaweb.com)


Our favorite option for blogs with high traffic
traffic. It offers 1-click installer and a migration
free of charge (if you change provider)
. It also offers an excellent 24/7 customer
24/7 customer service.



The numbers speak for themselves. Both themes, developed by Theme Isle, have been among the most popular themes on WordPress.org, as well as being recommended by some of the largest websites in the field.


A fully featured visual editing tool free for WordPress.org. This tool has pre-designed options that you can export. Many agree that Elementor is not your typical free visual editing plugin. It is simply the best visual editor for WordPress. Example site: losbloggers.com


Characterized by beautiful templates, Themify offers not only Ultra
Themify offers not only Ultra, but several themes, all equally attractive and with useful
attractive and with useful features, such as importing demo content.

Suppose you’ve selected a theme based on how the demo looks, then you’ll be happy to know that you can make your website
demo looks like, then, you’ll be happy to know that you can make your website look identical in a matter of
look identical in a matter of seconds.

Sample sites: carlicas.com



My favorite graphic design tool for beginners.

Canva is a free tool (although it also has a
paid version) that allows you to design with thousands of photos, vectors and illustrations.
illustrations. You can also edit your photos with the predefined filters
or with the photo editing tools.

It also has hundreds of icons, shapes and elements,
plus a wide selection of free fonts that are perfect for every default design.
each default design (there are hundreds of pre-made designs that you only need to change the letters).
change the fonts).


PicMonkey is intended for everyday photo editing,
so it covers basic edits, plus filters and overlays (including some special
(including some special tricks designed to correct/improve photos featuring people).
photos with people in them).


By using this extensive catalog of typefaces,
Google allows you to share integrate in any design project, the typeface you want.
typeface of your choice.


Modern Flat style icons for your web, infographics or
any design project.


Online service that offers designers and
web developers free access to hundreds of ready-to-use professional mockups.
ready to use.



Basically our favorite image bank. It has
with a collection of excellent quality, a modern, minimalist and very professional style.


A rather amusing selection of photographs with
excellent quality and of a completely free one.


Photographic collection specially designed for
digital entrepreneurs.


A quite professional and very complete photo editing app, designed by Google.
designed by Google.


Image processor that allows us to optimize
photographs (reduce their weight). This is something very important if we want to
prepare our web site for a good amount of traffic without it getting slow or consuming
slow or consume all its resources. The advantage is that this processor
compresses them, without losing much quality.



App to edit videos in a couple of minutes. It has
pre-made editions, to which you only have to add your photos or videos.


Free video editor from Adobe. It works both on the mobile (for now it only has an app for iOS), as on the computer.


Free video editor for Mac. Its premium counterpart
is the Final Cut Pro.


Free video editor for PC.


Professional video editor from Adobe. It is definitely
the leading video editing software among professional YouTubers. With AP
you can edit virtually any type of format and create professional productions
professional productions for film, TV and the web.


Offers a collection of free videos for personal or commercial
personal or commercial use.



This tutorial will help you to create your corporate email
completely free (you need to have purchased the hosting service with
Godaddy to be able to apply it).


Our basic autoresponder option. This is the one we
we recommend when you are a new blogger because it has a free option for your first 2,000
free option for your first 2,000 subscribers.


Tool that when integrated with an autoresponder,
allows us to create subscription boxes in different parts of our web site, even in the form of pop up
website, even in the form of a pop up. Sumo is also well known for being one of the most used
the most used tools to place the option to share in social networks in the articles of a website.
social networks in the articles of a website.


Option very similar to Sumo.


A much more professional and powerful option than Sumo and
Optin Monster. Because it does not have a free version, it is ideal for websites that have already
websites that have already validated their idea.

It consists of the process of earning a commission by promoting
products or services of other people or companies. Some platforms that
affiliate programs are:

In addition to these platforms, there are many well-known brands that have well-established affiliate programs. To identify them, do a Google search for “affiliate program (brand name)”.

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