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Revenues from 1,000 to 1 Million


If you’d like to know How much does a YouTuber earn, How much could you earn with your first 1,000 subscribers, the best ways to make money with your channel and a couple of other tidbits of information, look no further!

In this post we have summarized for you the answer to these and several other common questions, for everyone who is trying to to create their own YouTube channel and make a living from creating content, on one of the most popular platforms in the world.

How much does a YouTuber earn

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Let’s start at the beginning…

YouTube and Youtubers: what is it and who are they?

If you’re interested in knowing how much a YouTuber earns, it’s because you probably already know that YouTube is one of the most popular and fastest growing websites in the world, as well as a money-making machine.

And is that the platform has gone from being a simple site to share home videos, to be one of the main destinations for information and entertainment online, worldwide.

Not only this, but YouTube has also become a powerful “gold mine”, capable of making you a lot of money, and become a reliable source of income, if you learn to make the most of it.

Now then…

What is it to be a YouTuber?

A YouTuber is any person who produces content for a YouTube channel. There are professional and personal YouTubers, being the first ones (Professional YouTuber) the group of professionals dedicated to the creation of content on YouTube, as one of their main sources of income.

How to make money on YouTube: 5 proven ways to monetize your channel.

Would you like to know how to make money on YouTube or as a professional Blogger? I figured.

And it is that it is one of the questions I get asked the most by those who are curious to know how I quit my job to dedicate myself to make money online, while I travel the world as a digital nomadand then freak out when he learns that it is possible to earn so much money with a remote work from home.

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Let’s see then, the main ways to make money with your YouTube channel:

1. YouTube Partner Program

Let’s start with the elephant in the room: how much does a YouTuber earn from YouTube Partner Program banner ads?

With ads being the most obvious and well-known way of earn money working from homeWith your YouTube channel, we must clarify it is not the only way to make money with your channel, and to be honest, it is generally not the best way either.

And it is that just like the options for making money with a blogThere is no reason to limit yourself to only one way to make money with YouTube, when you can make a super mix of several options and diversify your income (not putting all your eggs in one basket), while multiplying them at the same time. That said…

How to make money on YouTube with this way of monetization?

As part of the YouTube Partner Program, you will be compensated for allowing ads to appear on your videos, splitting the revenue generated, with the platform (YouTube), allowing you to. earn money online without selling anything, working from home and without having to create special content, for a particular brand.

Once you are accepted into the Google AdSense (it’s free to sign up) you can place advertising banners on a web page or YouTube channel. Just like content creators, brands also sign up and create advertising banners, which will then appear on your content and for each click they receive, you will be paid with a range from pennies to several dollars.

It’s worth noting that an important point that differentiates many channels that manage to leverage this form of revenue on a large scale, is that they have a community interested in supporting them (even if it’s a small community).

This community is often willing to watch all the ads without skipping them, as long as their favorite content creator is rewarded for their efforts and can continue creating content full time.

Requirements to join the YouTube Partner Program.

  1. Live in a country where the Partner Program is available.
  2. Comply with the Monetization Policies of the platform.
  3. Not have an active sanction for non-compliance with the Community Guidelines.
  4. Have more than 4,000 hours of video playback on your channel in the last 12 months.
  5. Have more than 1,000 subscribers.
  6. Create and link an AdSense account to your new YouTube channel.

You can read more about the requirements by clicking here.

2. Sponsorships, Exchanges and Collaborations with Brands

Sponsorships, swaps and other collaborations with brands, are other popular ways to make money with a YouTube channel.

Sponsorships are undoubtedly one of the ways with which most Bloggers, Youtubers and Influencers of social networks, begin to monetize their projects in their beginnings.

For example, in my case I managed to exchange advertising for luxury accommodations. and transportation in different destinations in Europe, with a blog of only 3 months. But I did it thanks to having a couple of thousand loyal followers interested in the content, which helped me to get the results the brand expected.

3. Sell your own products or services

One of the options for earn money while you sleep favorite of entrepreneurial-minded content creators, and that is that if you decide to sell something pre-recorded (online course type) or digital product (infoproduct), those sales happen with minimal interaction and even while you sleep.

It’s about promoting your services or products using the platform, create a simple website and take your subscriber to that website to make the purchase.

4. Premium Community: Patreon and “Super Chat”.

This is an ideal way to monetize for digital content creators.

In the case of Super Chatis an option to monetize your YouTube channel and connect even more with your most loyal audience.

When you do a live broadcast or use the video premiere option, your viewers will be able to participate in a live chat where they can send you donations ranging from $1 to $500.

In the case of Patreonis an option to earn money with your YouTube community that every day is more and more popular among small content creators, by allowing their subscribers, readers, fans or followers from different platforms, to support them financially, while they receive (usually) some kind of exclusive content from the content creator they are supporting.

5. Affiliate Marketing

One of the ways to monetize that we could not fail to mention when answering the question of how much a professional YouTuber earns. And besides possibly being the easiest way to make money with a YouTube channel, it is also one of the most lucrative if you are in the “right niche”.

Affiliate marketing consists of joining brands with a good product or service, and promoting them to your subscribers, readers and/or followers; earning a commission for each sale your recommendation generates.

Two of the most popular platforms to work as an affiliate for brands are. CJ y AmazonHowever, many large brands (travel, finance, beauty, etc.) run direct programs (look for the affiliate section on their websites); as well as many smaller brands, too.

As you can see, if you put together all these ways to make money with your YouTube channel, you have the perfect formula for create an online job and earn money without leaving home..

How much does a YouTuber earn per visit?

Would you like to know how much a YouTuber earns per 1,000 views? Well according to some studiesthe rates paid by an advertiser to YouTube (Google AdSense) are generally between $0.10 and $0.30 cents per view, averaging $0.18 cents per visit.

Of this Google shares 68% of the revenue with the content creator (YouTuber), so for every $1,000 paid by advertisers to appear on a channel, Google gives $68 dollars to its creator.

Now, these figures are just the average (probably based on the United States).

A common figure I see among my various projects with audiences in Latin America, is that you can earn approx, $1 dollar per thousand ad impressions. (multiple ads can be printed on a video or web page like this).

That said, the actual amount a YouTuber will earn per month will depend on several factors including, but not limited to:

  • The niche or subject matter of their videos.
  • The quality and length of your videos
  • How many clicks they receive
  • Advertisers who are bidding for the keyword.
  • The competition they have
  • Geographic location of their audience, among others

Examples of Google AdSense earnings with a travel blog.

In the image below you will see how for 485,736 page views on my travel website (each page with several banners), I earned $1,562.15 dollars with Google AdSense.

This means, that my RPM is $3.22 dollars.

RPM: Revenue per thousand ad impressions. Calculated by dividing the estimated revenue by the number of page views received and multiplying the result by 1,000.

Monthly income travel blog - Google Adsense
Monthly income travel blog – Google Adsense

How much does a YouTuber earn per month: The formula to calculate how much a YouTuber earns in Mexico, Spain and anywhere in the world.

The range of money that a YouTuber can earn per month, goes from zero to more than 1 million dollars per month. This, by adding the different sources of income, direct and indirect, that he generates thanks to his channel.

We have for example Ryan Kaji and his channel. Ryan’s World. This is a 9 year old boy billed more than 20 million dollars in 2020, thanks to its more than 40 million subscribers y 12 billion views on his YouTube channel.

While it is true that Ryan’s case is the exception and not the rule, in addition to generating income not only directly with his channel, but also indirectly; today there are thousands of Spanish, Mexican, Colombian and Latin American Youtubers in general, who consider being a YouTuber a very well paid career and YouTube, as his main source of income.

If we take as an example a $1 dollar RPM (less than half of mine), to be on the conservative side, we could project the earnings of a good portion of the channels in Latin America.

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