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Payment gateways in Latin America


Getting paid directly on your website is often a difficult aspect of any business, even more so for SMEs and freelancers in LATAM.

That’s why I decided to investigate which are the best payment gateways available in Latin America and give you this little summary.

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Available at:

All countries
of Latin America.


This option has a service fee of 3.9% + 45¢. In addition you pay an additional
1.5% for receiving payments from outside your country and 2-5% when you need to convert the currency of the
convert the currency of the country in which the transaction was made to your currency. No
There is no registration fee.

How to withdraw your money with 2checkout:

  1. By wire transfer at no
    cost (minimum of $10 dollars). This withdrawal option is available
    only in Mexico.
  • Wire
    Transfer at a cost of $15 dollars per transfer in U.S. dollars,
    quetzal or mexican pesos and a minimum transfer of $300 dollars, plus whatever your local bank
    your local bank charges for receiving the wire transfer.
  • Transferring
    the funds to your Payoneer account.

Available at:

Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru and Panama.


  • Colombia
    no registration fee. These are your rates per transaction.
  • Argentina
    no registration fee. These are the rates per transaction.
  • Chile
    no registration fee. These are the rates per transaction.
  • Mexico
    no registration fee. These are the rates per transaction.
  • Peru
    no registration fee. These are the rates per transaction.
  • Panama registration
    registration: USD $62.50. Annual maintenance: USD $150.

How to withdraw your money with Payu Latam:

Directly to your bank account by wire transfer from your PayU account.
your PayU account.

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