Make money playing: Top 8 mobile games and apps

The Internet world has digitized many physical games. Casino, scratch cards, in-store contests, raffles, coin tosses, sweepstakes, etc.

Now users can find online sites and applications that replace the physical format, to play anytime, anywhere. There are online applications that will delight gamers.

Many smartphone users are truly addicted to games on the phone and spend hours escaping in a fun and simple way. You can play on your mobile while winning prizes and real money.

Top best games and apps to win money

With this list of games, you can finally combine the useful with the pleasurable, play for money, a game for gift cards, mini-games to participate in contests, answer surveys while getting paid… These apps will turn your actions into earnings easily and sometimes even into gifts!

Are you a gambler? Do not forget to play in moderation and set a limit so as not to overdo it. In the meantime, win a gift, several gifts or simply money: focus on 9 online games to win every time and good methods to make ends meet. take note!

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is based on the same business model as the other money-making services, but this time the principle of the game is based on blockchain and NFT!

It is the hottest game of the moment that will be rolled out globally after its launch in April 2022. The platform is gathering opinions and feedbacks from its first players to launch its content internationally.

It is a fighting game that allows you to collect and trade NFTs but also to breed small creatures, the Axies. The metaverse created is an open world in which several plots are contested by users, a game that promises to create passions to earn money but also to have fun in its 3.0 version!

Big Time

Big Time is a platform in the form of a smartphone application that offers several different games.

The principle is simple: win in the games to be able to participate in sweepstakes to win prizes or money.

Several worlds are available to evolve characters in wonderful worlds. Download it for free on iOS, Google Play and Android and win without delay.


Cashyy is a platform that offers many games in exchange for coins. You download the application for free, choose a game from the list. The more you play, the more points are accumulated to be converted into coins. Once you reach a certain number of coins, it is possible to redeem them for a gift card of your choice.

Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, PayPal, Sephora… All these major brands are partners and offer to transform coins into products or money. Moreover, by downloading the application, you already earn 4444 coins directly – a great help to quickly transform your performances into gifts!


The Moolineo game moves to real life: it’s all about being able to test products to get paid!

Brands collaborate with the platform to have their products tested by a panel of consumers in exchange for opinions and feedback to improve the offer. Product samples are then sent to volunteers.

On Moolineo, it is also possible to earn money by reading emails or filling in some offers proposed by partner sites. The site also offers a cashback section to recover money for each order placed online.

Finally, with its partners, Moolineo proposes free contests to win more and more gifts and money. It is a complete platform that will allow you to always find answers and methods to make ends meet.


Swagbucks is an application that allows you to take surveys and discover new products and services in exchange for money and gift cards. With this Swagbucks, you can earn products and money without a doubt, but it is also a way to get rebates.

To welcome you, the application offers you a bonus credit of ten euros. By participating in paid surveys, watching videos or trying free product samples, you can earn rewards to spend on partner sites such as PayPal, Starbucks or Uber.


Bravocoin is a “coin flip” mobile app that lets you win money. Simply flip the coin, bet heads or tails, and with each successful flip, it’s “double or nothing”.

Keep the bet or gamble again and risk losing it all? The choice is yours and you can pocket the biggest prize possible. Once you have won, you can choose from several prizes directly in the app store.

Cash’Em All

This application allows you to play without depositing money to win coins that you can convert into euros or vouchers.

No in-app purchases here: no hassles at registration and gameplay level, everything you win is yours.

The application is 100% free and allows you to win prizes with peace of mind.

The games of the FDJ application

Classic but effective, the Fran├žaise des Jeux app offers many games in exchange for money.

Just as if you were buying scratch cards at your local kiosk, the app offers the same principle but in digital format.

You can find the historical scratch card games, but also other universes where you can bet small sums, a few euro cents, against the possibility of winning up to several thousand euros.

It’s your turn to play!

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