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I am a blogger and I earn more than a manager.


I can assure you that my intention is not to brag, but I can tell you that today I earn my old salary of one year IN ONE MONTH.

I tell them so they can see that being a blogger does make money, that working from home is within everyone’s reach, and that making money online is not a matter of luckbut a lot of work, effort, trial and error. Besides, I think you may have already realized that at least in our region, as salaried people we will not get very far.

It was thanks to the income I generated with my web projects, that I dared to quit my job in a prestigious multinational company, while my worried dad was claiming me for quitting.

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But I just got tired of resigning myself to eight hours a day in the office, stuck in traffic to get to and from work, with one-hour lunches and a couple of vacation days a year, when life goes by so fast and I felt like I was missing out on it all.

I warn you that I didn’t do that from one day to the next, but when my travel website had generated for almost 5 months in a row, income that exceeded my multinational salary. That same salary that took me many online coursesa bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree I could achieve; and that now on my own account I was far surpassing it, thanks to the fact that I learned to create a blog that allows me to live traveling around the world, who knew!

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