How To Make Money With A Blog

I remember like it was yesterday that everyone I told about my plans to become a full time blogger, told me that it was almost impossible to make money with a blog from Latin America.

If someone tells you it’s impossible, they are talking about their own limitations, not yours.

it is very common to see so many people who spend their lives waiting for the ideal moment to live it, simply because they are afraid of what others will say.
to live it, simply because they are afraid of what others will say, as if those who
as if those who make negative comments when they hear about their dreams, deserve such a
dreams, deserve such a sacrifice.

Today I can say, that all the mockery and negative comments I received when I commented that I wanted to create make money online with a travel blog in Spanishwere silenced.

Silent when those who at the time criticized my decision to “drop everything” to create me an internet jobthen I was asked for advice on how to do the same.

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Is it possible to make money with a blog, how can I do it?

Of course it is
possible… and very much so! However, it’s not all about money.

Make money with a blog. Example of monthly income.

This is definitely one of the most frequently asked questions from those who are curious to know why I quit a very good job, in order to create a professional blog and dedicate myself to live traveling.

When creating a blog (or a web page), most of them go for the topic that is in fashion, or for that business idea with which they think they will earn more money (because so-and-so did well with that idea), even if they do not like the topic in question at all.

Honestly, if you
ask me, I recommend that you go for that topic that you like so much that you would talk about it for free.
you’d talk about it for free. The subject that you are so passionate about and that you could
spend hours and hours talking about and researching, without anyone paying you for it.

If you have the opportunity to create your dream job, why not make it something you really love and enjoy?

3 tips to create a blog and make money with it.

I am one of those who believe that there is nothing unsaleable (nor “too competitive”), although it is true that some market niches are a bit easier to monetize. than others. But for me, there is no bad idea, just poorly promoted.

Believe me that if what you are talking about is something you are passionate about and you put a lot of effort and perseverance into it, little by little the income will come, along with the satisfaction of doing what you really like and I assure you that professionally, there is no better feeling than that.

1. Create a community

On the other hand, it is not
is not about wanting to generate income from day one, but to show your community how much you know about each
community how much you know about each topic, so you can monetize later on.

Remember that what you want to achieve with your web page is to have a profitable online businessand one of the key points to generating extra income with different products or services, is to create a community that is really interested in what you say, and that also trusts you.

I take myself as an
example: When I started with my travel blog, you can say that I was traveling almost only by
only by internet (due to lack of time and money), but even though I was not an expert, I was passionate about the
expert, I was passionate about the subject.

Then I started researching on the Internet about travel and started writing articles about my personal opinions about some news I found, I also made compilation of tips for travelers that I had read in different parts, gave my opinion about some travel accessories that I had personally used, etc.

At the end of
months, I had studied and learned so much on the subject of travel that my readers saw me as an expert.
my readers saw me as an expert and I felt I had enough authority to be able to help others and make recommendations.
to be able to help others and make recommendations.

Then, as I secured my first sponsorships, I began to travel much more frequently and was able to travel much more frequently.
sponsorships, I began to travel much more frequently and was able to start writing about my travel experiences.
start writing about my travel experiences.

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