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How to get Sponsorships – Bloggers Guide 2022


Most newbie bloggers (including myself when I started), mistakenly think that to get work with famous brands, they need to have an extremely popular website and social media, with hundreds of thousands of followers and don’t even try.

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Hence many of my acquaintances and early readers
repeated this question to me over and over again…

How did you pay for so many trips at the beginning of your blog? Are you rich?

Well today I want to tell you about the way 80% of bloggers manage to see their first profits.

The one that allows many of them to live in different countries and earn money online as digital nomads.try the coolest products, eat in the best places and wear the latest fashions, if they want to.

And although it may not be cash, it is something that gives many a sign that they are on the right track and their work is well regarded: Sponsorships.

Important: sponsorships and collaborations with brands are not exclusive to travel blogs (I use that example in this article, because my travel blog was the first web project I used this strategy with). You can get this type of sponsorship with blogs of almost any subject matter.as long as you have quality content and your audience can be interested in the brand you intend to collaborate with.

What is a sponsorship?

It’s about getting products and services in exchange for sharing your experience with your readers and followers. To be honest, when I started I didn’t think it was possible, at least not for a Latin American newbie. After 3 months and a lot of analysis, I finally gave it a try.

As I did not have a wide online marketing training and I also didn’t think it wouldn’t be that easy, I sent out about 50 emails to companies I loved, asking for sponsorship. Guess what happened?

I got not one, but 30 companies interested in collaborating with me and sponsoring my trip!

That’s how I got my first sponsored trip to Europe, including ground transportation (trains and car), lodging in luxury hotels in Greece (Santorini), Italy (Rome, Venice and Florence), Paris and Madrid for 2 people, plus meals, tours and accessories for my trip.

Mind you, I achieved this with decent traffic, showing my website numbers, my network interaction and my audience demographics, making sure my readers and followers were the target audience for the brand and could see benefits with my work.

I put so much effort into publish the ads and promote them in a correct way on social networks. (especially since I had such a wonderful experience with each of them, and they were companies I had studied a lot about, even before applying for sponsorship), that with several of the marketing managers, I have kept in touch after more than 2 years.

¿Can you get sponsors with less than 5,000 followers?

Of course you can!

Even many professionals with digital marketing and social media training.agree that bloggers and social networkers are influencers with less than 10,000 followersThey represent a more authentic and creative voice than celebrity influencers, which is why a growing pool of agencies and brands are interested in working with them.

Honestly all of this I had read about, but when I started I didn’t think it was possible.

After almost 3 months of much analyzing, I finally drafted an email that convinced me and made the attempt to get my first sponsorship, achieving in less than 1 week 30 collaborations.

You can imagine my surprise and the boost of energy I got when I saw that it was just a matter of
that I got when I saw that it was just a matter of asking, but doing it well (yes, sounding like a professional blogger when you are just starting out).
a professional blogger when you’re just starting out, it’s not that easy).

The good news is that you don’t have to rehearse on your own and risk not sounding
on your own and run the risk of not sounding professional, of not contacting the people you should
and closing doors that if you had done it the right way, would have become those first collaborations.
would have become those first collaborations.

How to get sponsorship from the first months of your blog.

Sponsorships are undoubtedly one of the ways in which most Bloggers, Youtubers and Influencers start monetizing
most Bloggers, Youtubers and Influencers start monetizing, and it’s something you can do very early on.
something you can do very early on.

For example, in my case I managed to redeem advertising for luxury accommodations and transportation in different destinations in Europe, with a blog that was only 3 months old.

Although you do need to have at least a couple of thousands of
followers (I got my first redemption with only 3,000 followers) to support you, so that you can
support you, so that you get good results, the brand will be satisfied with your performance
performance and they will contact you again.

For example, you can sell only traffic on social networks (with an interaction of 100 quality likes per post, I got clothes and accessories, and with an interaction of 300 likes per post I got hotels, transportation and some accessories).

Success will depend on you showing authority, on your audience being the right one for the brand, on how you sell yourself and on the professionalism with which you contact the client (because they will not contact you at the beginning).

Tips for getting sponsorships

To find international brands start with the following.

  1. Google this phrase: “All opinions are/remain my own” + name of the destination/brand/product or service.
    destination/brand/product or service.
  2. Show interest. There is nothing more disrespectful than telling a brand that you want their product or service for free just because you have a blog.
  3. Just because a brand has worked with bloggers in the past, doesn’t mean they will
    they will want to work with you. That will depend on how well you can prove that the collaboration will be profitable for both of you.
    collaboration will be profitable for both of you.
  4. Prepare your stats: demographics of your audience, reach in networks and on the
    blog, interaction, etc. On the importance of this and the serious mistake that some brands make when
    brands make by collaborating with “influencers” with Russian or Indian followers, I’ll talk in another post.
    India, I will talk about in another post.
  5. If after sending them an email you don’t get a response (sometimes it doesn’t get into
    the right hands), try contacting them through their social networks.
  6. Followers are not everything. More and more brands are showing interest in micro-influencers (less than 10,000 followers)
    interest in micro-influencers (less than 10,000 followers) with an authentic voice and good interaction.
    authentic voice and good interaction.
  7. Be realistic about the amount of exposure you can provide to the
    brand. Don’t lie to try to impress them.
  8. Clearly explain the number of posts you will make on your blog and/or
    social networks for each sponsored product or service.
  9. Keep your end of the bargain and strive to do the best job possible.
    Never promise anything you won’t be able to deliver.
  10. Never ever,
    promote a brand that you don’t trust, that you have read bad reviews about (yes,
    you have read bad reviews, or with which you did not personally have a good experience.
    a good experience.

Copy my step by step and get your first sponsorships.

After receiving hundreds of inquiries, I have finally
decided to summarize for you a step-by-step on how to find the right companies, how to get that first
the right companies, how to get that first contact and most importantly, I will share with you the exact
the exact email and pitch with which you will be able to get sponsorships without needing to have tens of thousands of followers.
having tens of thousands of followers.

In less than 30 minutes you will have read the whole guide (it’s
only 7 pages straight to the point) and you’ll be ready to adapt the email I’ll give you to your theme and
to your theme and get sponsorships from the first months of your blog.

Everything you need to know
you need to know to get sponsorships with few followers, summarized in a guide that you can
guide that you can put into practice today!

how to get sponsorship

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