How To Create A Blog To Make Money Online (Beginner Level)

Being able to inspire hundreds of thousands of people through your writing and your experiences is a satisfying feeling. But in addition to satisfying, it can be incredibly powerful.

And when you create a blog and people respond to you in a positive way, you realize the enormous influence you can have on everyone who reads you.

The best thing is that as a blogger, not only can you inspire thousands of people in infinite ways by sharing your ideas, experiences and knowledge, but you open yourself up to the possibility of advancing your career, or better yet, creating a completely new one for yourself.

I summarize the different options you can follow to exploit your talent and develop the topics you are most passionate about.


If you have not yet decided on a specific focus for your website, start as generic as possible. Often creating a blog in a general format (Lifestyle type) is the best option.

In case you are not yet decided on a specific topic, this format will allow you to practice and explore different topics with different approaches, until you gradually find your ideal niche (topic).

The idea is that when in the future you may decide to focus on a specific topic, it will be the one that has proven to be the most successful with your readers, and the one you enjoy writing about the most.

If you are worried about not being able to make money with a blog on a specific topic.I assure you that (although some are a little easier than others) all topics are monetizable and the ideal one for each of us, will depend on our passions and skills, in addition to what we will gradually discover about the tastes of our audience once we launch and begin to attract our first readers.


Most of the time you won’t find the ideal topic for your blog, until you take the first step and start testing in the real world, with a real audience and not just in your mind.

Remember that you will evolve day by day. The idea you have today will change hundreds of times along the way and that evolution is the most natural, beautiful and beneficial thing in the world.

So if you’re undecided, my advice is to opt to launch a blog in a more general format first. One that allows you to explore your interests as much as you want, until you reach that perfect mix between what you’re passionate about, what your audience is interested in and what can lead you to monetize while possibly helping thousands along the way.


More and more professionals (doctors, lawyers, designers, accountants, etc.) are realizing that by building a real relationship with their potential clients, they are much more likely to generate sales and gain their trust, making them come back again and again.

And it is no longer only large companies that can offer their services online; now basically anyone can follow the steps I show you today, and start selling online.

With a personal branding blog you will not only be offering your products or services, but also the essence and unique connection that comes with them.

The one that only you and your personal touch can give.

The focus of this type of blogging is generally based on building a solid relationship between the blogger and their audience. It is the most popular type of approach among professionals interested in selling their own products or services. They usually bear the name of their creator.


A niche blog focuses on a specific topic. Some of the most popular niche topics are travel, finance, sports, cooking, motherhood, games, books, movies, fashion, politics, pets, etc.

As you may have already noticed, I am one of those who think that if you are not very determined or passionate about a specific topic when starting a web project, it is very healthy to give yourself the opportunity to explore and try different approaches.

That’s exactly what I did when I started

After some time of testing, exploring the potential of different themes, it’s a good idea to try to start differentiating ourselves from our competition.

This is the time when focusing on a specific niche with a personal and innovative touch, starts to prove very beneficial.

One solution to break through, is to focus your blog on smaller niches with something a little more specific in mind, and as the months go by and your readers react, define the focus you should give it.

If you choose to start with a niche blog from day 1, I advise you to start with the topic in a general way (e.g. travel) and gradually find the right focus for you, and your ideal niche (e.g. family travel).


More and more companies are realizing the importance of developing their online presence. Customers are increasingly attracted to the technology and convenience of the online world, and use their cell phones to do almost everything.

That’s where a business blog can establish your brand as an authority and allow you a more direct and constant connection with your customers.

This type of blog is ideal for enhancing your company’s online presence (regardless of its size), as well as promoting your products or services virtually, with the purpose of attracting potential customers and generating more sales.

The topics you post about to attract interested visitors are based on your specific industry.

The idea is that visitors are attracted to the blog content and after going through the sales funnel, end up making the purchase.

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