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Find a job on Linkedin in 7 steps


When someone mentions the subject of Linkedin you have no idea what they are referring to? Or maybe you’ve even created a profile on this famous social network, but you still have some doubts and think you’re not taking full advantage of it?

Whatever the
case, in this article I will try to clarify your doubts and that you learn everything you need to know to
you need to know so you can get the maximum benefit, since Linkedin is a very useful tool for all professionals.
a very useful tool for all professionals.


Important: Information shared on this website does not constitute professional advice and is not intended to replace, and is not a substitute for, the services of trained professionals in any field, including, but not limited to, financial, employment, entrepreneurial, travel, medical or legal matters. Any ideas, advice, opinions, information and/or other training materials or links accessible through this website are for informational and entertainment use only. Please note that there are no guarantees about the results you may obtain by using or implementing the strategies, products, services and ideas discussed on this website.

What is LinkedIn

As I
I mentioned, LinkedIn is basically a social network for professionals. Something like a mix between Facebook and
like a mix between Facebook and the yellow pages for hundreds of thousands of experts in some profession or
experts in some profession or trade, as well as for companies or businesses, worldwide.

This network (which is
owned by Microsoft), is intended to provide any professional with the opportunity to create new
the opportunity to create new working relationships and multiple connections,
sharing professional achievements to create a reputation among colleagues or to look for a job (and also to offer it).
to look for jobs (and also to offer them).

And just as in
other social networks, posts on Linkedin can be shared both privately and in
privately or in specific groups, as well as to the general public.
general public.

How to create a professional profile on LinkedIn

The first thing to remember
to remember when creating a profile on LinkedIn, is that this network has been created solely and exclusively
and exclusively for professional or business purposes. Therefore
Therefore, the information you share should focus only on that area.

On Linkedin you should
pay special attention to your profile, as it will represent you to an audience of professionals from many
of professionals from many different fields and from a large number of countries.
countries, and that will serve as your letter of introduction to future job or business opportunities.
for future employment or business opportunities.

Your profile on
Linkedin will also act as your professional resume in case you apply for a job, and it will be
for employment, which will be evaluated by recruiters for the companies you would like to work for.
for the companies you would like to work for.

If you wish to
maintain an adequate professional profile within this social network, I recommend that you
I recommend that you take into account the following tips:

  1. Fill your profile 100%. Incomplete profiles have 20 times less visits than those that contain all the information.
  2. Add a good quality, professional looking photo to your profile. It has been shown that employers and employers are much more reluctant to initiate a connection with a profile that does not have a photo, or does not look professional.
  3. Don’t forget to add your contact information, as well as the link to your professional website.
  4. Include a brief summary about yourself, and focus on those things that set you apart and make you stand out from the crowd.
  5. In case you are working describe your current position including your previous work experience, and don’t forget to emphasize your studies and additional skills you have acquired over time.

Once you have
completed your Linkedin profile, it’s just a matter of publishing it and start connecting with colleagues
connecting with colleagues and/or companies that interest you.

How to search for jobs on LinkedIn

Searching for a job on
LinkedIn is relatively easy. However, there are a few things you could
do to increase your chances of finding a good job offer, and here are some of them.
here are a few:

1. Keep your profile updated:

It is absolutely
indispensable that you update your Linkedin profile on a regular basis: try to add every new
add every new work experience you have, the courses you take, the skills you are acquiring, etc.
skills you are acquiring, etc.

2. Make your availability known:

Use the title
to inform that you are looking for a job. Whether you want to work within a
a specific company, or provide your professional services for different clients, the title is the best way to get noticed.
clients, the title is the best way to get noticed, as it will be the first thing people read when they see your
thing people read when viewing your Linkedin profile. Remember that the more
attractive you make it, the better results you will get.

3. Perform advanced searches:

LinkedIn allows you
allows you to perform advanced searches to find profiles of people and/or companies.
companies. As in any other social network, by following these profiles you will be able to
keep up to date with all the news they share.

If you are interested in
in working with a particular company or companies, following their profiles will let you know when new positions are
you know when new positions open up for hiring, for example.
You may also be able to make connections with co-workers at those companies,
and get a better understanding of how things work inside.

Additionally, through
through Linkedin you could contact former colleagues or fellow students and, besides
and, besides reconnecting with them, you would be expanding your horizons to new and different job opportunities.
to new and different job opportunities.

4. Keep an active profile:

If you have a
portfolio of your work or you are a content creator, from time to time, try to make
your Linkedin profile to keep your followers up to date with what you have been
your followers about what you’ve been doing, so they can check the quality of what you do.
the quality of what you do.

The more
your interaction with others, you will have better exposure, and that could help you gain recognition in the
help you gain recognition in the professional arena.

5. Participate in groups:

Just like on
Facebook, on Linkedin you will also find groups of different work topics.

Become a member of
those in which topics of your interest or that are related to your career are discussed, will give you
your career, will give you more exposure by expanding your network of contacts, as well as the
possibility of getting a job or new clients.

6. Offer and receive recommendations:

If you have already
worked with any of your contacts on Linkedin, or if you have purchased any of their products and/or
their products and/or services, you could offer them to write a recommendation on their
their profile and also request one for yours.

7. Prepare for your interviews:

If you are going to have
an interview coming up, LinkedIn can help you prepare. Not only could you
you could research about the company where you’re applying, but also about your future
about your future bosses and coworkers.

Understanding what
values and skills they take into account will allow you to analyze which ones you have to
you have to make them stand out during your interview, for example.

New LinkedIn sections

As I mentioned,
participating in LinkedIn groups is one of the main activities within this social network to make new
within this social network to make new connections and find job or business opportunities.
job or business opportunities.

Groups, communities
communities and the blog section, are some of the new options that this professional social
this professional social network for its users.

Any member
of Linkedin can make use of these segments to share news or data about specific
specific topics in their area of work or business, and thus stay informed and relevant.
informed and relevant.

To join
any of the groups of this network, you can use the search bar to find those of your interest as the
to find those of your interest as the platform has a method very similar to Facebook.
similar to Facebook. You should also make sure that the group has a good level of
interaction, so that it is worth joining.

Another thing that
you should keep in mind is that Linkedin does not allow self-promotion in groups, since the idea is to share
the idea of them is to share content of value for all its members and to establish new
members and establish new work or business relationships.

Linkedin allows you to
allows you to upload directly on its publishing platform, from small texts and
texts and images to full articles and videos, so that they can be shared later on
shared later by other users.

the network is integrated with SlideShare, so it is also possible to share presentations, infographics and so on.
presentations, infographics and more.

Linkedin also has
also has a Premium version, which offers additional features such as online classes, analytics for
as online classes, analytics for your profile and benefits of messages and new contacts, among others.
new contacts, among others.

LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn can also become a very useful tool for your company’s
development and marketing of your company.

Through this social network you will not only have access to an enormous
potential clients, suppliers, future partners and/or potential candidates, but you could also use it to
but you could also use it to grow your brand and improve your market positioning.
improve your positioning in the market.


In addition to all that, connecting with other professionals and researching about
the competition in your market would allow you to gain new knowledge and be aware of all the
be aware of all the trends in the industry you work in.


Using LinkedIn to recruit staff could save you thousands of dollars
from hiring headhunting firms or web postings, as well as a lot of time on paperwork and profile
as well as a lot of time spent on paperwork and reviewing profiles that probably don’t
not match what you’re looking for.

It’s just a matter of using the advanced search option and entering specific basic
specific basic criteria, and you will have in your hands a great list of possible future employees, colleagues
future employees, colleagues and/or partners.


Linkedin provides you with the opportunity to set up a company profile for
your business which, if handled in the right way, can help you to give a lot of visibility to your brand.
visibility to your brand.

With a proper profile and a good interaction both with your followers,
and within the Linkedin communities or groups, you could achieve many good things for your company or business.
good things for your company or business.

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