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7 Ideas for Working Online With Little (or No) Experience


If you are tired of resigning yourself to eight hours in the office, with one hour for lunch and a couple of vacation days a year; while you see that life goes by too fast and you are missing it all in exchange for a salary that often is not enough to make ends meet, working online may be the solution!

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How much money can I earn with an online job.

If you have read me before, you will know that thanks to an online job I managed to multiply that salary that took me 6 years and a bachelor’s degree with a master’s degree to achieve; all thanks to the fact that I decided to create a blog that today. allows me to live travelingWhat do you know!

And although these are my personal results, I can tell you that the earnings range of many of the jobs you can do onlineranging from zero (figure if you never start, never do anything), up to several million dollars.

I only ask you to take into account that everything will depend on you, on your talent, and on the work, passion and desire that you put into your project, to make it succeed.

Can I work online if I have no experience?

As mentioned in the free guide to make money onlineto launch an online venture and/or start working from homeYou often don’t have to be a mega-expert in your chosen field.

However, the amount of money that you can make in the different online jobsThe number of online jobs you can get depends on how good you end up being in your subject and the effort and desire you put into your web projects or online jobs in general.

In the case of starting out with a blogIf you like it enough to keep researching and sharing good content about what you are learning, it is more than enough to create a monetizable web project.

After a while you will have read and written so much that you will be considered an expert in your subject and will gain authority in front of your readers.

In my case, the experience to work online came little by little.

And here I put myself as an example: when I started my first online venture, my travel websiteI could say that I traveled almost exclusively through the internet (reading), due to lack of time (I had very few vacation days per year) and money. However, even though I was not an expert, I was passionate about the subject.

So I started researching about travel all over the internet and started writing articles about my personal opinions about news I found, compilation of tips I had read in different places, interesting accessories for travelers that I bought myself and checked their quality and functionality, etc.

After a few months I had studied and learned so much about cheap travel that my readers saw me as an expert on the subject, and I felt I had enough authority to help others and make recommendations. That’s how I created my first profitable online business and a job that suits me.

10 online jobs to earn money from home

  1. Offer your services as a Virtual Assistant
  2. Offer your services as Community and Social Media Manager
  3. Become a Professional Blogger
  4. Create your own YouTube Channel
  5. Work as a Freelance Translator
  6. Offer your services as a Copywriter
  7. Tutor and/or teach languages by Zoom
  8. Become an Influencer and create content on Social Networks.
  9. Earn commissions with Affiliate Marketing
  10. Offer your Photo and Video Editing services

Top websites with remote job offers

  1. en.fiverr.com
  2. freelancer.com
  3. soyfreelancer.com
  4. workana.com
  5. nubelo.com
  6. upwork.com
  7. flexjobs.com
  8. workingnomads.co
  9. weworkremotely.com
  10. angel.co

So you know, the problem is not that it’s difficult. to get a remote jobbut the lack of real motivation to begin with.

The good news is that, as you will have noticed if you have read my entrepreneurial journey and the 20 ways to make money without investing (almost) anything. I use in my online business, you will know that although many still consider it unattainable, working online and making money from home is within the reach of anyone who has a tablet or computer, internet connection and a lot, but a lot of desire to learn.

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